When will the plate be ready?


The DMV will start printing plates once we have collected 7,500 pre-orders. The sooner we reach that threshold, the sooner you'll be able to sport the specialty bicycle license plate. Our goal is to meet that number by January 2019, so that plates can be printed and mailed later that year. Help us meet that goal by spreading the word.

In fact, if we don't meet that threshold within twelve months (with the possibility of a single twelve-month extension), the DMV will cancel the program and return the funds to everyone who pre-ordered a plate. 

How much would a pre-order cost? What are the ongoing costs?


To start a specialty plate program like a bicycle themed one, the initial fee to order the plate cost $50 (for 6 sequential characters) or $98 (for 6 personalized characters) and annual renewal costs are $35 (sequential) or $73 (personalized).

How do I order one?


Give us your contact information and we will be sure to send you a pre-order form as soon as they are ready. Use this link: http://www.calbike.org/pre-order_waitlist


Is that what the specialty bicycle-themed plate will look like?


No. The actual plate will have a different image at the left edge of the plate and a different slogan at the bottom. The slogan will probably be "Bike for a Healthy California" but that is still being considered. The image will be determined by a small art selection committee coordinated by the Department of Public Health and the California Bicycle Coalition. Anybody may submit a proposal for that image using this form: calbike.org/bikeplateimagecontest.

Can we have a big landscape in the background of the plate like the ‘whale tail’ plate?


Unfortunately, no. Since background images have been determined to interfere with the legibility of the letters and numbers, all new plates must conform to the procedure outlined by the Department of Motor Vehicles that restricts the custom image to the left edge.   


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