CalBike Survey Uncovers Most Popular Programs for License Plate Revenue

The California Bicycle Coalition is developing a speciality license plate to raise millions for programs to promote awareness of bicycling. More than 3,336 respondents ranked various programs that could be supported by license plate revenue. Here are the results.

Educational programs for motorists, including professional drivers (e.g. bus operators; truck, taxi, shuttle drivers, etc.) (55% support)

Community outreach programs to ensure local communities have a fair opportunity to give input on local street designs and plans, and to educate communities on better bikeway design and ways to achieve more livable streets. (51% support)

Comprehensive bike education programs for adults and in more public schools in every community around the state. (44% support)

Programs engaging with localities and business to provide technical assistance and guidance. This might fill or assist the role of bike coordinators to create bike plans, apply for grants, or find funding sources for infrastructure. (38% support)

Research on bicycle safety and ridership on the state level and research support for localities and local bicycle coalitions on the economic, environmental, and community health impacts of bicycle encouragement programs and infrastructure projects. (28% support)


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